The Beginning

This project started with a pair of siblings: a brother who wanted to create an original story for his daughter, and the sister he pestered until she agreed to illustrate it.

While full of ideas on what they wanted to create, they had no idea how to do it… all they knew was the more they talked about their story, the bigger it grew. These discussions felt more natural than agonizing over a drawing board or trying to write the perfect introduction. So they decided to try a different approach… by creating a podcast.

“The Story Arc Podcast” is a crowd-sourced plot-developer; guests are introduced to the current season’s general plotline and goal by the podcast host, Trevor Sutton. Once caught up they have complete freedom to develop the story from there! Guests bring different perspectives, create a new characters, and add twists to current arc- sometimes even connecting or changing past arcs. This has transformed a few scraps of detail into a beautiful, complex journey with three dimensional (and sometimes ridiculous) characters.

Each season covers a new “Story Arc”, focusing on a specific hero or heroine and their journey through The Fey Realms Universe. Once the storyline had been fleshed out and the details decided, the real effort begins…

Our illustrator, Sarah Sutton, with help from Trevor Sutton and their editor, Brady Bourassa, gather, organize, and storyboard the Arcs, translating the information provided into a graphic novel!

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a full series of graphic novels based on the Story Arc Podcast. This project is unique, it provides an entire world for fans to explore and a step-by-step break down of our creative process. Followers get to see: character development, storyline conceptualization, editing processes, and storyboarding. They get to see behind the scenes; artwork, bonus panels, creature episodes, world building, side stories, time-lapse illustration videos and so much more!

But! The most important part of this project is that this story is created by you, the listener.

This isn’t just our story to tell, we want everyone to help create as many stories as possible in The Fey Realms Universe, no matter if they are the world-building type or a casual fan.

If you like what you see and want to get involved…

-Write to us with your ideas through our e-mail- feyrealms@gmail.com

- Listen and subscribe to the podcast- On this website or wherever you listen

-Follow us on twitter, facebook, tumblr, or instagram *Links found below

Most importantly…

Support us on Patreon! (Coming Soon!)

Thank you for helping us bring this dream to life.

Let’s Create!

Meet Our Team:


Trevor Sutton- Creator of the Fey Realms Universe and Story Arc Podcast

Army veteran and lifelong nerd, Trevor has loved fantasy since he was young.

He has passed that love onto his two beautiful children, for whom these stories are dedicated.


Sarah Sutton- Illustrator, manager, and partner in the Story Arc Series

Sarah is an artist and illustrator living in Chicago. Creating murals in the city by day

and illustrating the Fey Realms by night. Sarah helps manage and promote the Fey Realms Series.


Brady Bourassa- Editor and contributor in the Story Arc Series

Freelance author and developmental editor for the Fey Realms Series,

Brady brings professional expertise from writing two fantasy novels as well as several historical, fantasy, and sci-fi short stories.